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Why is posting new content frequently important?

You sit in front of your computer, it’s almost lunch, and you realise it’s exactly twenty eight days since your last blog post went up. Did another month already pass?

It doesn’t always seem like posting new content frequently is the most important task on your list. And it’s true, it isn’t. Your job is to put out those fires and be a boss running your business.

But although content isn’t the most important task, it’s still an essential element to a successful website.

If you need reassurance that posting content on a regular basis really is worth your time, here are some benefits.

Why is it important to post new content frequently?

Why is frequency of posting important

  1. Search engines use post frequency to rank your website. Regular content is good for SEO.
  2. New content keeps visitors coming back for more. 
  3. Content can create brand awareness and can introduce new customers to your brand.

1. Posting new content frequently is good for SEO

When posting new content frequently, you’re telling Google this website is active.

Regular content helps Google identify what your website is about and rank it higher accordingly. That’s also why it’s so important to use keywords phrases that your target audience uses.

2. Regular content keeps visitors coming back for more

Imagine you find a website about your favourite topic – baking. There are recipes on everything including how to make fool-proof croissants at home, something you’ve never managed to pull off. The website sells baking products too. There’s a set of really cool Star Wars stamp cookie cutters. You can’t splurge on it right now but that you might get it later… You bookmark the website and promise to return. A week later you’re back, ready to devour new tips and tricks on getting the perfect crisp butter dough but you are disappointed. No new recipes are up. A month later, you decide to give it another go. But there are still no new recipes. You start to wonder. Is the site still running? Are they a genuine business? You’ve forgotten all about the Star Wars cookie cutters too. You bought some on another website two weeks ago. You don’t have any reason to come back to this cool website anymore, because you’ve already read the recipes you’re interested in, and you don’t find new ones when you visit. Their products also aren’t on your radar.

Content is great for SEO, but it’s even greater as a marketing tool. It’s an affordable way to give your audience something while getting them to stick around. It works so well because you’re not just feeding your audience an ad, you’re actually giving them value for free. It’s a type of marketing that’s mutually beneficial instead. It moves the focus from “how can I make my customers buy” to “how can I help my customers and strengthen my brand at the same time.”

This is why the best content is fun to read, informative and genuinely useful. Regular content serves your visitors and it’s there for SEO. But you have to keep posting to keep your visitors engaged.

3. New content can increase brand awareness

You may have heard about the buyer’s journey. Most buyers don’t purchase something right away. They tend to do their research first, search for potential brands. This is the awareness phase. After the awareness phase, they enter the consideration phase, where they actively consider the different options on the market. Only then does the buyer decide to purchase.

Content is a great way to help create awareness about your brand. Your blog posts show the buyer who you are, what you know and what you care about. It can help create brand awareness for a buyer who may not even know you existed. Even if the buyer doesn’t purchase from you right away, frequent content can increase their awareness of your brand which makes it more likely they will remember you.

How often is “frequently?”

There’s no hard rule. Pick a schedule you know you can stick to. Publishing content once a week is a great rule of thumb. It’s regularly enough your readers won’t get frustrated and it gives you enough time to write a good post. Posting more frequently could for many people be a frustrating experience.


What kind of content should you post?

Posting new content frequently to your website is important for reasons we will get to below. A blog offers an easy way of doing this, because it provides a format where you can naturally publish new content on a regular basis. But adding new products or new product descriptions, updating your pages or adding new content to them also serves the same purpose.
Blog posts can also give the visitor something to look forward to. A reason to come back to your website. Traditional retail stores can get away with bombarding their visitors with brilliant new products all the time. Every time the visitor goes to the website, there are new products to see. But not all web shops, or businesses for that matter, have enough products to add to make things interesting.
That’s why blog posts can be a good alternative. It adds an element of excitement to your website, just like a product would.

What if you don’t have time?

It can be really hard to find the time to write blog posts. Here’s how you can get organised, so writing content won’t feel like such a dreaded task anymore:

How to write when you’ve got no time

Being behind is stressful. Get organised and make sure you have a plan for your content. Take an hour or two out of your day – just one day, any day – sit down and make a content plan.

  • Brainstorm: Make a list of topics so you always have something to write about.
  • Plan when your content should go up
  • Set aside time to do it. Take extra time in the beginning, so you can work ahead. If you have 3-4 blog posts pending at any one time, it will be less stressful to keep it going.

How to brainstorm for ideas

Ask someone else what they would like to know about your business. Often you won’t realise just what other people are curious about and interested in because you know your industry so intimately, it doesn’t occur to you what information might be useful to your readers. Once you’ve got a few topics you know people are interested it, it’s a lot faster to answer to those questions in a blog post.

And if you still struggle to find the time, you can always outsource it to a freelance writer. Shoot me a message if you need help getting started with your content. Maybe you just need advice on what to write about, or how to get organised, or maybe you would like me to write the whole thing for you. It can take a lot of weight off your shoulders to outsource tasks like writing, so feel free to reach out. I would love to chat with you about your challenges and how I can help.

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