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I'm a freelance blogger and translator with a background in digital marketing and content creation.

I have worked with a range of platforms and technologies such as WordPress CMS, PhotoShop, Mailchimp and social media.



Copywriting is all about writing words that sell. The product - the copy - is meant to advertise, increase brand awareness and ultimately encourage the reader to take action.


Blog posts are often created in order to improve a website's SEO. Good blog posts engage, entertain and inform the reader while still adhering to up-to-date SEO best practices.


Danes have a good level of English. However, when conducting business in Denmark, people expect to be able to read information in their native language. Having content in Danish is essential if you want to expand to the Danish market.


CMS such as Shopify, WordPress and WIX are popular as they make it easy for everybody to create their own website. There are many benefits to having a website on a CMS. It's easy to edit, add content and manage without coding skills.

Social media

Social media is the key to getting information out to your customers. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or something else, it's important to post regularly and keep in touch with your followers.

Graphic design

Graphic design is a huge part of any online presence. Images often need to be resized to fit into certain dimensions. And logos, product shots and banners are all vital parts of your communication.

3rd time working with her, best translator you can find!

Manuel Ramirez
English to Danish Translation / Virtualmedia

Everyone should consider hiring Mette!

Casper Nørgaard
Danish Football Player Biographies

Mette is a pleasure to work with. She is delivers quality, she is responsive, attentive, ready to learn and learns fast.

Clement Plez
Copywriting / Delticom AG

Mette completed the job on time and with great communication. I look forward to sending her another job soon.

Quentin Aisbett
SEO copywriting / OnQ Marketing

Great writing style, real pleasure to work with. Def hire again!

Shane Walters
Blogging / Vesica

Mette was great to deal with and she produced articles that were well articulated and with little error. Would definitely work with again if had the chance.
SEO copywriting